avanca corporation

Sustainable Energy Logistics


For progress and sustainability

The avanca corporation, which is headquartered in Bakum, is committed to implementing innovative and forward-looking solutions. We are Europe’s leading supplier in the transformation process for creating a clean and emission-free heavy-duty transport sector and establishing carbon-free transport operations.

We are driven by a clear vision, which is why the protection of our environment plays an important role in our decisions, our business activities and our conduct as a corporate citizen. In order to ensure that future generations can also enjoy a good life on our planet, we believe that we need to take responsibility, courageously forge new paths and help make the world a better and cleaner place to live in.

We apply all of our creativity and inventiveness to the task of making our vision of climate-neutral heavy-duty transport a reality. To this end, we combine our strengths and expertise in the fields of alternative fuels and emission-free transport and have committed ourselves to the responsible utilisation of resources and the protection of our environment.