We combine our strengths and expertise in the fields of alternative fuels, advanced drive system technologies and sustainable logistics. We are driven by a clear vision, which is why the protection of our environment plays an important role in our decisions, our business activities and our conduct as a corporate citizen.

Engineering and network for alternative fuels

Alternoil GmbH

Alternoil GmbH, which has its headquarters in Steinfeld in Lower Saxony, operates filling stations and is a pioneer in the transformation process for creating a clean heavy-duty transport sector.

The company makes advanced, environmentally friendly and cost-effective fuels available and is taking steps to expand its REEFUEL filling station network throughout Germany.

Alternoil is a member of a partner network that currently operates more than 40 filling stations, and the number of these stations will be increased to more than 60 by the end of 2022.


From wind and waste to fuel


REEFUEL is a fuel that is unique in Europe – and one that is also contributing to the decarbonisation of the heavy-duty transport sector.

The climate-friendly fuel is produced from green hydrogen generated by wind energy and biomethane that is manufactured using certified biological waste processes.

REEFUEL can already be purchased at all Alternoil filling stations in Germany.


From road to rail

Paneuropa Transport GmbH

Paneuropa is one of the leading providers of combined transport in Europe and offers reliable and environmentally-friendly rail transport solutions with over 1,200 of its own transport units.

The company’s intelligent linking of rail and road transport and the use of REEFUEL (bio-LNG and e-LNG) for pre and onward carriage have already eliminated all CO2 emissions.